Thomas Allen: Artist, Gamer, Otaku

May 6, 2019

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Creativity manifests in hundreds of different ways; today we have it in the form of a 3D artist Thomas Allen. Thomas grew up adventuring through the valleys of Hyrule. He fought alongside the Belmonts hunting down vampires and along those adventures formed his passion for 3D design work. Our weaknesses contain the drive for our strengths. It is within those weaknesses do we find the perseverance to continue practicing our crafts and in turn develop and create our dreams into fruition. In this weeks blog post I'd love to introduce Thomas Allen, a 3D artist, gamer and fellow otaku! Be sure to check out his art and follow him on his artistic journey!


Name: Thomas Allen
Creative expression: 3D Artist
Age: 33
Country: United States 

Ano Nora: We all have an inspirational figure that gets us going when our creativity starts to smolder, who is your inspiration or favorite fellow content creator?

Thomas Allen: A year in college I had an instructor that showcased an artist by the name of Steven Stahlberg, He mainly creates characters and seeing his complete understanding of the human anatomy flipped a switch in my head and I moved from creating Environment art to learning Character art.

Ano Nora: If you had to choose your favorite artwork you’ve created thus far, what would it be and what makes it so important to you?

Thomas Allen: My favorite piece that I have created is what was called Tank Goat, this was one of the many various types of mechanically enhanced goats that I created for a mini-game during my internship.

Ano Nora: What is the most frustrating part of creating a new 3D design?

Thomas Allen: For me, the most frustrating part is getting involved in a somewhat big project, for example,, a highly detailed character, and if a miss a day or two from working on it I lose motivation on completing it.

Ano Nora: What started this conquest, what initially sparked your interest into art that ultimately led you to 3D modeling?

Thomas Allen: 
I wanted to combine two of my favorite pass times, video games, and art. So I decided to look into some art schools that focused on 3D art and study as much as I can.

Ano Nora: What does being an artist mean to you?

Thomas Allen: Being an artist to is to always try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, try to learn something that you consider to be your weakest link.

Ano Nora: What are your go-to activities to clear your mind in between projects?

Thomas Allen: I, of course, love to play video games, but this can cause me to procrastinate a bit. I love to read books/manga/comics and I like to watch TV/Movies/Anime.

Ano Nora: What music genre do you turn to when you need to zone out and concentrate on your artwork?

Thomas Allen: I mostly listen to game soundtracks or movie epic scores. Some of my go-to default soundtracks are various Final Fantasy, Skyrim/Oblivion, and Bravely Default.

With dreams of building his own 3D world filled with captivating environments and characters made to inspire the next generation of gamers. Thomas has a bright future where practice makes perfect served with a side of sleep deprivation. And with that, I bring this post to a close. If you or anyone else have a story to tell or want to share your creative expression feel free to click here to find out more information on how to share your story.


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