Cosplay Interview: Izzy Saeko

December 8, 2018

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The term "Cosplay" entered the scene in the late '30's evolving through time to what we see today. People from all over the world have spent the past couple of decades creating and enjoying the freedom of expression that cosplaying creates. What started out as simply dressing up in costumes has developed and unfolded into not only a  lifestyle but a family for so many worldwide. Cosplay is used by so many as a tool of expression and means a variety of things, though each persons opinion on cosplay varies slightly most encompass the same love and passion as the next. To some it's a job to others a hobby and to most, just a fun experience to be different. As Izzy conveyed "Cosplay is a way of self-expression. To show your love for a character or series in a really fun and cool way. Not only is the costuming part fun, but the set building, the shoots and of course the conventions. Its a method of release but can also be VERY stressful."

I'm more than ecstatic to introduce one of my favorite cosplayers, an inspiration to not only myself but thousands of others both in and outside of the cosplay community. Not only does Izzy strut her stuff behind the camera but she uses her voice for equality in the community; most active on Twitter but be sure to subscribe and check out her other social platforms (more specifically her Patreon) to stay up-to-date with all the things. 

Cosplayer: Izzy Saeko

Age: 26


Ano Nora: What is your creative process from picking a character to cosplaying it. 


Izzy Saeko: I'm not a very skilled crafter yet, so a lot of the pieces I use are purchased, altered or commissioned. I normally just see something, freak out, google an image of the character and get to work on figuring what pieces I can make at my skill level, and where and who to purchase from if not!  

Ano Nora: Modeling is all fun and games until you're actually behind the camera. There's more to the art then meets the eye. What mistakes did you initially make early on that you learned from and what do you look for when finding a photographer?


Izzy Saeko: I feel like posing is something that either comes naturally and is super easy or is SO hard and needs to be like beaten into your head. Even now for me, new poses, especially for boudoir, are very hard because its can I make this sexy without bussing it open?? PHOTOGRAPHERS are so IMPORTANT! I was very lucky to find Katrea Lux! She is a personal friend and I ended up shooting a set with her and then being like GIRL SHOOT ALL MY SHIT! I think its just super important that your photog understands what you like and how comfortable you are. I will straight up tell her,  like "Yo, this costume is wild, let me know if my nipple is out".

Ano Nora: You know more than anyone the chaos of cosplay creation. From finger pricks, to make up mishaps what do you think was the most difficult skill you had to work harder to preserve through during your creation process?


Izzy Saeko: Patience. I get really sad when a set that I loved or costume I work on doesn't get as much attention as I thought it would, its super discouraging.

Ano Nora: I'm not going to shy away at the fact that this community isn't filled with its share of hatred and trolls but that hate has created a much bigger storm full of the love and support throughout the community, what is your favorite moment admits the chaos? 

Izzy Saeko: Probably just being at the cons and meeting the people. Every con is a diff vibe but having good friends in the scene makes all the difference.

Ano Nora: You're covered in nerdy tattoos, do you have any plans for the future? 

Izzy Saeko: Yes! I plan on finishing my Sailor Moon half sleeve with color and then working on a Yugioh leg piece. o_o 
Ano Nora: What ambitions do you have for the future? 

Izzy Saeko: I hope to become a successful POC plus-size cosplayer and open up more doors for newer cosplayers and models. Ultimately, I'd love to become an advocate for representation and travel to diff conventions to spread the good word of melanin! 

Ano Nora: Favorite anime character and why? 

Izzy Saeko:
Bruh. Sailor Uranus OR Utena !

Ano Nora: You're a huge Moonie, you have figurines galore, out of all your Sailor Moon collectibles which is your favorite and which holds the most sentimental value. 

Izzy Saeko: MAN. IDK. LMAO. Anything Sailor Uranus/Neptune related. I'm gay af for them. But probably the Sailor Moon sound book that I had when I was a little girl.  I lost mine and just recently reordered it.


Ano Nora: Top 5 favorite cosplayers and a link to their social media profile. 

Izzy Saeko: 

Fiona Nova
Chibithot Cosplay
Pattie Cosplay
Petite Ebby

Ano Nora: If you were to describe yourself as one quote what would that quote be? 

Izzy Saeko: "If you ain't got no haters, you ain't popping, n----."  

With any luck, you're all already on your way to pledge to Izzys Patreon or maybe you want to start out slow and follow her on Twitter; regardless of your next step hopefully this interview opened your eyes to the diversity that is the cosplay community. It was a pleasure interviewing Izzy and I'm sure she'll bring some laughs with a side of lewds on your social timelines. Until next time spread the word, read some more posts or make the first steps in creating your very own Cosplay!

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